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Technology with a purpose

Ryan’s solid IT background from both the technical and sales perspective made him a perfect match for helping these clients find the right solutions, but Ryan wasn’t satisfied just with that. He wanted his company to make a profound difference in his clients’ lives and he also wanted his company to give back to help others less fortunate.
1 on 1 Technologies started with a candid picture taken by Ryan’s wife. The picture captured a feeling that he wanted his company to convey. It was that feeling he had had as a boy when his dad put his hand on his shoulder. That feeling that everything is right in the world when your dad is looking out for you and can guide you to the right path. As Ryan got older, his dad viewed him on a more equal footing than he had when Ryan was a kid, but that feeling was still there. He knew he could always depend on his dad for help, support, and that special touch that no words can really capture.

And so it is with the company that Ryan founded—a company founded on the principle that the best business relationships are personal. Most people think of cloud computing, Managed Services, and Cloud as an impersonal series of 0s and 1s, but with 1 on 1 Technologies they’re not.  That’s because of Ryan’s influence. His personal touch provides the guidance that your business needs to make the right choices.

The important decisions you make in partnership with 1 on 1 Technologies will influence and greatly improve your day-to-day operations and the quality of your lives, both business and personal. 1 on 1 Technologies will be there for you as you change and grow just as Ryan’s dad has been there for him.
But the feeling of guidance and giving back to future generations doesn’t stop there. Ryan’s company has a larger purpose too. He and his wife are bringing STEM education to underprivileged children in Central America. Your work with 1 on 1 Technologies will help Ryan and his wife on their path to achieve these goals.
Renewing your Citrix Subscription Advantage and all renewals goes to send kids to school in Central America.

Santiago – He is very creative and active. He is currently in 2nd grade and eagerly wants to explore and discover knowledge about the world.

Camila is in 4th grade and is ray of sunshine. She is very dedicated to her pursuit to learn and grow. She is very charitable as she looks to help others around her as she creates and develops her skills.