Desktop as a Service: DAAS

Desktop as a Service is changing headaches running a business into prosperity!

“A man of many crafts and a deserted home”, an old Greek saying that makes sense today and resonates with many business owners. Company leaders are often required to concentrate on diverse tasks when running their businesses, so they spend less time working on core business activities.

If time to increase profitability and grow your business is limited, then keeping up with competition can be increasingly difficult. According to a poll performed by Ipsos, 9 out of 10 small/medium business owners recognized that maintaining and upgrading technology is the biggest challenge.

More research conducted in 2016 by the global industry analyst Techaisle, showed that the top Information Technology “IT” challenge of any Small/Medium Business “SMB” is budget constraints.

The real difficulties are found between the goals of the business and the technologies needed to help remedy day to day issues with managing a business. The solution is to find a balance in partnering with specialists that can elevate the business owner’s vision to reach its full potential.

Technology: An ally or an enemy?

In today’s business environment, a strong and clear technology strategy is not so much an option anymore. Rather, it is a necessity for the business to prosper.

Technology can be a game-changer for any SMB, as it enables limitless business growth, takes away previous limitations and provides a consistent path for growth.

The same research conducted by Techaisle showed that the number one IT priority of any SMB for 2017 should be Cloud Computing. 92% of SMB owners said that they already use some form of a cloud-based solution, and will continue to do so.

Big names such as Apple or Netflix are using a public and private cloud because it not only provides measurable benefits but also introduces a new pay-as-you-grow model, something really appealing for business owners.

But Apple and Netflix are not SMBs, you may argue? They can hire in-house experts to run their cloud services, while they focus on growing their businesses.

However, there is an option for SMBs. Cloud Service Providers allow businesses to tap into cloud services without worrying about adding new technology items to their list.

They are the experts in charge of your security, backups, scalability and mobility, in a very cost-effective way so that you can focus on core business activities.

How Can a Cloud Service Provider support SMBs?

It all began with broad services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service “IaaS”, Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” and Platform-as-a-Service “PaaS, three fundamental areas of the Cloud.

Cloud Solution Providers emerged seeing the opportunities to evolve and fine-tune these basic services into more customized, industry-specific offerings. One of these services that really stand out today is Desktop as a Service “DaaS”.

DaaS is a cloud-based model that creates secure virtual desktop environments using different platforms powered by Citrix. This model makes it easy for users to work anywhere from any device and at any time.

DaaS is not limited by location, device, or network. This approach has gained interest particularly from SMBs because they don’t have to invest a lot of money and time into IT infrastructure.

Other Benefits of Desktop As A Service

1. Mobility

Allows users to work remotely on any device and any time.

2. Centralized Service

Users access all data and applications in a central cloud environment. For example, applications and operating systems that need to be updated only need to be updated once verses on every PC or MAC.

3. Increased Security

With DaaS, the company’s data is not stored on users “local” device. So, if a laptop, tablet or smart phone is left behind while out of the office, no business data is on the device. All work is done through the secure cloud gateway.

4. Scalability

DaaS is scalable in every direction. A new employee? No problem, just provision a new Desktop. What if an employee leaves the company? No problem, just disable the employee’s virtual Desktop.

5. Software

Cloud Service Providers manage all software licenses to keep things consistent. Office, Skype for Business, QuickBooks. No more buying licenses and having them go unused. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

6. Backup and Disaster Recovery

Large businesses demand an offsite data center that houses all the servers and network equipment necessary to keep the business running in case of a disaster. However, not every SMB can afford to have two of everything, especially when the disaster data center sits idle.

That is where DaaS can help level the playing field, as it can automatically create copies of your data, upload them to another data center and boot them up in case of a disaster.

7. Cost-effective

Let’s not forget to mention the cost savings. There is no large up-front cost! Your IT strategy is now an operating expense (OpEx) versus a Capital Expense (CapEx).

With this, the costs are predictable based on the consumption of IT services. DaaS services have a flat price per month which leverages the pay-as-you-grow pricing model.

Talk to 1on1 Technologies for Desktop As A Service

Managing DaaS does not have to be another IT burden for the business owner. Outsourcing IT to a trusted Cloud Service Provider to provision resources and support you.

Cloud Service Providers help businesses achieve prosperity. A cloud service provider, such as 1 on 1 Technologies, ensures that the business has the right technology solutions to better manage current business operations and position itself for growth. Contact us to start reaping the benefits of DaaS.

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