How to Protect and Defend Yourself from Data Loss

how to protect and defend from data loss

Data loss gremlins usually appear in different shapes and sizes. It could be due to natural disasters, theft, fire, virus, user error, and other equipment failure related reasons.

Unfortunately, the reality is those threats deal the upper hand over organizations that lack useful tools to protect the information properly.

All businesses need to protect and secure their data and there are tools for this.

A number of effective tools are helpful to prevent and preserve data. That way, WHEN something happens to your data, you are ready to restore and keep working.

Ways to Protect and Defend Your Data

Data Encryption

Data encryption is the most useful IT tool to protect your sensitive and private information. By obscuring an encryption key, organizations are more capable to prevent those data from cybercriminals and theft.

Data encryption happens in three stages: at rest, in use, and in transit. The University of Colorado describes different types of solutions pertaining to the criterion of encryption.

Application Encryption Types

  1. Database encryption
  2. E-mail encryption
  3. File and folder encryption
  4. Full disk encryption
  5. Network encryption

There are also two additional encryption solutions and they are

  1. Cloud application encryption
  2. Removable media encryption

Encryption solution is considerable on a client basis. As an example, a client who travels with employees frequently can be protected in a better way with a full disk encryption solution for mobile devices and laptops. Depending on a client’s other circumstances, an additional level of encryption is not always necessary.

Healthcare clients benefit from it most as HIPAA has created strict guidelines regarding the patient’s privacy adherence.

So, it can provide the partners with full benefits to encrypt all types of healthcare data that is sent via mail and also stored in specific folders and files.

Malware and Virus Protection

Malware and virus have become intimidating threats recently.  This is actually a well-trained sophisticated and well-funded kind of attack.

Kaspersky is known as a popular security vendor and it has described as “Advanced Persistent” threats. Most of the SMB clients may not fit the profile of corporations and these master criminals act as sophisticated threats like cryptolocker.

Each of your clients needs to access the trusted antimalware as well as antivirus software to keep the information safe from new attacks.

Antivirus and antimalware can protect against threats and those are easily identifiable. It is important to protect clients from emerging and new threats that they are most likely not aware of.

Clients have to be aware of social engineering tactics and other data threats. This includes not downloading the attachments and clicking on links and emails from unfamiliar and unusual senders. One should never disclose confidential information, passwords, and other sensitive information to others over the phone or the internet.

Get Data Protection

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