Online Backup and Recovery

Work better knowing your data is backed up!

Protect your critical data from malicious intent, hardware failure and accidental deletion.

Cloud backup

Storing data locally leaves it at risk to threats like fire, theft, and natural disaster. Keep a copy of your critical business data off-site in our secure cloud. We offer automated and encrypted cloud backup in highly secure data centers, ensuring that if something happens to your office or place of business, your files are still safe. Automated backup with flexible scheduling Two layers of encryption for maximum security Fast and flexible recovery to get you back on your feet

Backup security

Data loss is on the rise and the ways in which your private information is at risk – from malware to hackers to digital theft – has never been greater. Keep everything safe in our secure cloud, where data is protected by two layers of military-grade encryption and stored in separate redundant data centers located thousands of miles apart. Military-grade 256-bit data encryption Secure access controls at redundant data centers Compliant with major industry and federal regulations

Bare metal restore

SMBs don’t have a minute to waste, and when a server crashes or a laptop is hit by a virus, you need fast recovery. Our bare metal restore makes starting over easy with speedy restore to similar or dissimilar hardware. No matter what your hardware configuration, we can help you start fresh on new equipment and get you back to work quickly. Automated restore options for faster recovery Point-in-time restore for pinpoint recovery Wide range of supported hardware covers all restore situations

Physical image backup

In the minutes after a data disaster, it’s not always clear what recovery options will be best for your business. That’s why we offer flexible physical system recovery options, including an imaging solution that can restore entire systems to virtual hard disks. That offers more recovery options at a time when you need maximum flexibility. Restore systems as virtual machines Mount images for object-level recovery Store images locally for fast restore

VMware backup

VMware lets you store data in virtual machines, but like with physical machines, the data stored in virtual environments is vulnerable to threats like malware, corruption, and loss. Keep your virtual machines protected with powerful VMware protection that offers flexible backup and fast recovery. Keep VMware backups in the cloud, locally, or both Recover locally in minutes with VMware replication Customize retention and archiving to meet your storage needs

Hyper-V backup

Hyper-V is a popular virtualization platform, and if you use it in your business you need to make sure your virtual machines are protected. We offer secure and flexible Hyper-V protection that lets you back up any number of VMs on a single hypervisor. As a result, data kept in virtual machines is just as secure as the rest of your IT environment. Automate backups and store unlimited historical versions of VMs Store compressed and encrypted VMs in the cloud, locally, or both Easily import restored VMs to Hyper-V’s platform

Exchange backup

Email is the most popular workplace application, and if you lose even a single message, it can be a significant roadblock to your business. We can protect full mailboxes and entire Exchange servers with flexible and powerful Exchange backup, ensuring your most important messages are never lost. Back up full servers or individual messages, with flexible scheduling Automated backups occur in the background to avoid interruptions Restore specific mailboxes or messages with granular recovery

SQL backup

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, so it’s important to ensure that your SQL databases can be recovered in the event of a local disaster. Keep your SQL data safe with secure and reliable cloud backup, and recover your information quickly with fast and flexible restore. Run multiple SQL backups per day hidden in the background Automate full or differential backups on your own schedule Quick and simple restores for fast recovery

File sync and share

Stay productive when you’re on the go, and collaborate with the rest of the team from anywhere. Business-grade file sync and share offers convenient file sharing capabilities with maximum levels of security, so you don’t have to worry about leaving critical company data unprotected. Full support for Windows and Mac PCs Also supported on iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices Powerful mobile document editing and creation Access shared files offline and from any mobile device

Managed Backup Service

Business owners, start working better knowing your data is backed up!


  • Entry-level data protection
  • Up to 100GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • Unlimited Devices


  • Entry-level data protection
  • Up to 500GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • Unlimited Devices


  • Protects mid-size SMBs
  • Up to 3TB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • Unlimited Devices


  • Limitless data protection
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • File and Folder Backup
  • SQL Server Backup

All Plans Include

  • File and Folder Backup
  • SQL Server Backup
  • Exchange Backup
  • Local Recovery
  • Physical Imaging and BMR
  • Virtual Imaging
  • Hyper-V Replication
  • VMware Replication
  • RMM and PSA Integration